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2019 DOL And EEOC Regulatory Agenda

Are you ready for the Department of Labor’s regulatory agenda? Employers can expect a lot of activity from the Department of Labor that will affect employee relations, compensation, and a host of othe..

Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions

Expand Your Ability to Analyze Data in Excel with Some "Hidden" Functions and New & Powerful Tools.You may be comfortable using formulas and functions in Excel, but it's likely that you may have m..

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan

The Affirmative Fair Housing Market Plan is a marketing strategy designed to attract buyers and renters of all groups (majority and minority), irrespective of their sex, handicap, familial status, etc..

An Internal Controls Master Plan for Accounts Payable

Mastering Accounts Payable Internal Control: Reduce Risk & Prevent FraudAccounts payable is not only responsible for the control of cash paid by the business but also handles sensitive vendor info..

Core Skills for Hospital Case Managers: A Training Toolkit for Effective Outcomes

As of June 20, 2014, contact hours for nurses are no longer available with this product.Finally ... an affordable, effective, and consistent training program for your hospital case managers.This one-o..

Effective Batch Record Review

A Batch record review is a complicated and often lengthy process. However, a strong review system is essential so all critical processing parameters are properly documented. Learn the fundamentals of ..

Electronic Record & FERPA : Minimize Institution Risk

Achieve Compliance in Electronic Documentation and Minimize Institution Risks While Effectively Ensuring Ease of CommunicationTechnology has allowed higher education professionals the opportunity to p..

Email Advising : Establishment of Productive Advising

Email advising has readily taken center stage as the preferred method of communication for both students and advisors. Students are able to write their questions as they occur to them, and advisors ha..

Email Survival Skills

Time managementIn today’s world, email is a major factor in getting work done but do you sometimes feel like you can’t survive another day of relentless emails dumping into your Inbox? Does email ruin..

Employee Handbook

Learn how to update your employee handbook to stay in compliance with the latest federal developments and national trends.Is your employee handbook up to date with the latest legal changes? Even if yo..

Human Thermal Environments: The Effects of Hot, Moderate, and Cold Environments on Human Health

In the ten years since the publication of the second edition of Human Thermal Environments: The Effects of Hot, Moderate, and Cold Environments on Human Health, Comfort, and Performance, Third Ed..

Mastering Excel Formulas and Functions

If your job requires you to use Microsoft Excel, and you often find yourself using formulas and functions or dealing with large amounts of data, this webinar will help you maximize your efficiency, so..
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