Quickbooks for Power Users: Master Custom Reports

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QuickBooks Online has a lot of great features that most accountants use and love, such as Reclassify Transactions, Undo Reconciliations, and Create Recurring Transactions.

However, there is a handful of "hidden gems" within QuickBooks Online such as: Merge Duplicate Clients, Clear Old Billable Time and Expenses, and Purge Company file that come really handy. You will learn all those, plus a few new features added during 2018,such as Managing Work and Projects, SmartCheck troubleshooting tools, and the new reconciliation tools with cleared date on transactions.

In this guide, experienced users of QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) will learn how all the built-in and custom reports can help track sales, profits, and other important elements of their business.

Explore the proper and optimized use of both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop with powerful tips and tricks

  • Identify ways to customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop so the reports pull the correct data sets and display information in the most useful ways.
  • Learn the differences between QuickBooks Enterprise, and other versions of QuickBooks when building custom reports
  • Understand the role and limitations of custom fields for customizing reports
  • Learn how to build personalized and customized reports with pivot tables