The REAC Inspection Handbook 2019 Edition

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Curb Your REAC Reaction – Take the Pain Out of Inspections!

Simplify your REAC preparations with handy checklists and tools …

Nobody wants to face a Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspection any more frequently than they have to. The good news is that you will undergo a REAC inspection only once every three years – if you keep your score high. Low-scoring properties must endure yearly inspections and may even lose their HUD funding. That’s why your preparation for REAC inspections is so crucial, and why you need all the help you can get!

In the 2019 Edition of The REAC Inspection Handbook, you’ll learn:

  • What the UPCS definitions actually mean – and why inspectors have widely different interpretations of them
  • Whether appealing an inspection decision will be worth your effort
  • Why you should pay close attention to REAC’s Compilation Bulletins (hint: these are where REAC drops some serious bombs)
  • How to spot the hidden problems at your property that could cost you the most points
  • Why you need these 12 important documents on hand come inspection day
  • How to bounce back from a poor REAC score – what to fix first and what to appeal

Unfortunately, you have a mountain to climb if you want to ace your next inspection. REAC’s confusing – and often conflicting—rules, coupled with inspectors’ widely varying judgments on what constitutes a defect, can make scoring high seem nearly impossible. Thankfully, you can arm yourself with insider tips, expert advice, and proven tricks to not only survive your REAC inspections, but gain the best outcome (and highest score) possible! Grab your copy of The REAC Inspection Handbook, 2019 Edition!